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Proviz: Sensor Development Software for IoT Devices

Proviz is Internet of Things application development software. You can use Proviz to create Internet of Things applications without requiring any software or hardware experiences.

Project Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Project Duration: 09/01/13-08/31/17

6thSense: Securing Sensory Side-Channels in Cyber-Physical Systems

Modern devices have become “smart” in recent years with the advancement of modern electronics and wireless communication systems. Smart devices such as smartphone, smartwatch, fitness trackers, etc. are equipped with high precision sensors, empowering them to gather information about user characteristics as well as the surrounding environment. These sensor-enriched devices have opened a new domain of sensing-enabled applications. With the rapid growth sensing-enabled applications, smart devices are integrated in every possible application domain, from home security to health care to military. Some applications can even learn characteristics of users using sensor data and take automatic decisions to improve the user experience.

Compromised Device Detection

The core concept of the smart grid is the realization of two-way communications between smart devices. The integration of complex and heterogeneous networks as well as their devices into the smart grid must be done not only in an efficient but also a secure manner. Nonetheless, with all its dependency upon device operations and communications, the smart grid is highly vulnerable to any security risk stemming from devices. Especially, the use of compromised devices can wreak havoc on the smart grid’s critical functionalities and can cause catastrophic consequences to the integrity of the smart grid data and/or users’ privacy.